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Elora-based sustainable energy developer wins 2017 Powering Prosperity award from Ontario Sustainable Energy Association


Powering Prosperity 2017

Launched in November 2015, sustainable energy development firm Anvil Crawler Development Corp has been hard at work producing a line of unique and customizable green energy producing products that have the potential to change how the planet “plugs in.”

Its penchant for innovation was recently recognized at the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s (OSEA) 7th annual Powering Prosperity awards gala in February, where the company won 2017 Developer of the Year.

OSEA representatives were present at Anvil Crawler’s official launch event back in late 2015, where the Mayor of Guelph, other local dignitaries, and staff from Skyline (a partner with Anvil Crawler) celebrated the introduction of portable and scalable green energy technology to the Guelph area and beyond.

Anvil Crawler has produced a variety of customizable and scalable products for the green energy industry – many of which can be used together to create a hybrid solution. These include:

  • The Anvil Power House, a 100% scalable and 100% portable mobile energy facility that captures and stores solar energy in any environment, virtually eliminating the need for conventional mobile energy sources such as diesel fuel
  • The Anvil E-House, a customizable, pre-outfitted energy inverter room that safely and securely houses 250-500 KW of power inverters for large-scale solar projects, and sells the power back to the grid
  • Micro Combined Heat and Power Systems (mCHP), which supply hydro to buildings through very efficient natural gas generators. CHPs systems use the by-product of heat (hot water) to heat the buildings, drastically eliminating wasted energy from the process
  • Electric Car Charging Stations, able to be installed in conjunction with our Power House to provide a 100% off-grid method to powering vehicles

“When we think of the “bigger picture,” we envision a world with drastically reduced consumption of oil, fossil fuels and nuclear power, where people plug in to clean, green, and sustainable power instead,” said Mark Dupuis, President and CEO of Anvil Crawler.

“We want to make it easy, convenient, and cost-efficient for our clients to choose a sustainable method of powering their job sites, their real estate, their farm, or their home.”

About Anvil Crawler Development Corp

Anvil Crawler Development Corp, launched in November 2015, is a sustainable energy developer that is changing the way people think about green energy. We’re making waves across Ontario’s sustainable energy industry—with the potential to significantly impact the global energy industry. We exist to provide simple, yet powerful options for energy production and storage that are not only good for our clients, but great for the planet.

In just one year, our team has developed an impressive shelf of customizable alternative energy production and storage products (which can be combined to create hybrid energy solutions). With our expertise in construction and renewable energy, the electrical industry, and real estate management, we realize the challenges and needs that must be met when making the transition to off-grid energy. That’s why our products are scalable and customizable, with the ability to be implemented by any type of customer: from an individual homeowner, to a construction firm, to a landlord of an apartment or office building. We’ve implemented our systems at dozens of sites across Ontario (saving countless megawatts of power), and we’re receiving inquiries and requests for custom builds not only throughout Canada, but worldwide.
To find out what’s new, what we’re up to, and to stay informed about Anvil Crawler, please visit us online at

For further information or for interview requests, please contact:

Mark Dupuis, President & CEO, Anvil Crawler Development Corp.
5 Douglas Street, Suite 301
Guelph, ON N1H 2S8