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Anvil Crawler Helps Project HOPE


Read a blog post from Doug Tarry regarding Project HOPE and how Anvil Crawler helped to bring off-grid power to this three day project.

Building a Net-Zero Home in Three Days With The Help of Solar Power

Doug Tarry Homes Ltd, a St. Thomas, ON-based homebuilder company, was looking for a unique way to power a very unique project.

In June 2017, the company facilitated a 3-day Net Zero Ready home build project as a gift for the wife and children of the late Johnny Nooren, an area building official and prominent community member in St. Thomas (A home is fully “net-zero” when it produces enough clean energy to offset yearly consumption). The build’s official name: Project HOPE.

In order to move forward with the build, Doug Tarry Homes had to find a renewable off-grid power solution for the construction site – and Anvil Crawler leapt at the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Three Anvil Crawler Power House Generators Created Enough Off-Grid Solar Power for the Entire Build

We deployed three Power House Solar Generators for the build: one for the food service area and two for the construction area. Doug Tarry Homes estimates that the Power Houses provided more than 60% of the entire energy requirements for the build – all through clean, green power from the sun.

In fact, the full moon also generated about 30 watts of power overnight – enough to run about 5 LED light bulbs.

“We never needed propane backup: one Anvil Power House was able to generate enough energy during the day to run the home and recharge the batteries that were used to run the home at night,” said Doug Tarry, Director of Marketing and Lead Designer at Doug Tarry Homes.

For the first five weeks after the Project HOPE house was completed, the Power Houses continued to run the air source heat pump for AC, the ERV, the furnace fan motor, the fridge, and all necessary lighting.

“I want to congratulate Mark Dupuis and the entire team at Anvil Crawler for creating such an amazing product,” said Tarry.

“My wife Carolyne wants to turn one into an outdoor kitchen. Not a bad idea.”

Anvil Crawler wishes to thank Doug Tarry Homes for the incredible opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause – we are proud to have (literally) helped power this project from beginning to end.

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