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Our Services

Services and Solutions

Our team offers a range of services in renewable energy, which can be combined to create custom solutions that fit your needs.

We work with commercial, residential, industrial, and individual clients on customized energy solutions for their facilities, workplaces, retail spaces, farms, and homes. That’s why our products are scalable and customizable, with the ability to be implemented by any type of customer: from an individual homeowner, to a construction firm, to a landlord of an apartment or office building.

We’ve implemented our solutions at dozens of sites across Ontario (saving countless megawatts of power).


Power House Solar Generator

The Anvil Power House is a 100% scalable and 100% portable mobile energy facility. It integrates solar, batteries, inverters, chargers, generators and electrical distribution to keep your job site, home or project running all day, every day.


The Anvil E‑House is a customizable, pre‑outfitted electrical room that safely and securely houses electrical distribution equipment for customized energy requirements.

Net Metering

Net metering creates value from your existing structure. These systems can be mounted on houses, apartments, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric Car Charging Stations can be installed in conjunction with our solar generator (Power House) to provide a 100% off-grid method to powering vehicles.