Custom E-House

Custom modular electrical house. Delivering electrical infrastructure anywhere, anytime.

Our Custom Electrical House (E-House) provides a cost-effective solution to meet your on-site power supply requirements.

The E-House is a pre-outfitted, 100% customizable electrical room within a shipping container enclosure, made to house and protect electrical distribution equipment.

With each module specially manufactured and outfitted to the specifications and needs of your project, we’re delivering the electrical infrastructure you require, anywhere and anytime you need it.

Each e-house is:

  • Cost-effective: modular design costs considerably less to engineer, integrate, and construct than traditional on-site structures
  • Pre-manufactured and constructed by our specialist electricians in a controlled environment
  • Engineered to perform in varied climates, extreme temperatures, and for heavy industrial and construction projects
  • Delivered certified and commissioned: safety and security guaranteed
  • 100% customized to meet your project requirements; designed for expansion and upgrading as your project requirements change
  • Ready for integration with your existing site infrastructure
  • Ready for connection to the electricity grid, or 100% off-grid use
  • Shipped directly to your site, ready to energize no matter how remote the location

Cost-effective power supply at your site

Reduced construction lead time

No-hassle, no-delay installation

Easy to upgrade as project requirements change

ACDC Custom E-House Benefits

  • Solar inverter electrical rooms
  • Pre-manufactured electrical rooms
  • Grid connected and off-grid battery energy storage enclosures
  • Crypto currency server storage enclosures
  • Walk-in units; workspaces or tool cribs

  • Commercial home construction sites
  • Industrial construction sites
  • Mining sites
  • Forestry and logging sites
  • Agricultural land
  • Telecommunications sites
  • Due diligence and research project sites
  • Large-scale clean energy sites, such as solar fields
  • Integrated clean energy projects, such as a solar/wind/battery energy storage project
  • Any remote location where electrical power is required

Speak to us today about your custom e-house requirements. We have solutions to meet any scale of project, whether on or off-grid.