Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery energy storage systems with a wide range of applications from industrial facilities to remote communities.

Efficient and cost-effective energy production is only half the battle. Energy storage systems are designed to address the ever-rising consumption and price of electricity.

Anvil Crawler are experts in Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) design, installation, and commissioning services, with a special background in the battery installation and integration processes.

Our battery energy storage services include:

  • Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) consultation
  • AHJ permitting
  • Local distribution company (LDC) interconnection
  • Electrical and civil construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

Our clients include:

  • Class A industrial clients who want to mitigate their Global Adjustment costs as part of Ontario’s Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI)
  • Industrial and commercial facilities that rely on uninterrupted operations
  • Class B commercial clients who want to optimize energy expenditures

Energy storage has a wide range of uses:

  • Global adjustment mitigation measures
  • Intermittent solution for commercial power outages, providing security and resiliency to keep your production running
  • Ancillary power supply for EV transit fleet or other clean energy infrastructure during peak-use times
  • Immediate back-up power supply system for data centre; allowing for uninterrupted power at the first point of an outage, providing enough time to run up generators