Module and infrastructure upgrading for maximum energy output

Solar PV systems contracted under the Ontario government Feed-in Tariff (FIT) or Renewable Energy Standard Offer Programme (RESOP) programs are very likely candidates for equipment and module upgrades.

60 cell72 cell+
Output 200-300WOutput 400-500W
Better performance in the same amount of square footage and space

If your solar PV system is aging, or if you are not taking advantage of newer technology for your asset, you’re potentially missing out on the greatest possible return on your investment.

Our technicians perform on-site assessments, inspecting all points of your system to identify potential upgrades that increase your payback.

  • More efficient installation of DC-to-AC inverters, creating up to 5-6% more output efficiency
  • Additional modules (panels)
  • DC Repowering: replacement of modules with newer models
  • Re-location of modules
  • Re-location of inventory and equipment for easier technician access, reducing maintenance cost
  • Installation of bi-facial modules. These modules collect the power of the sun from both sides, which results in the assets’ ability to shed snow faster. When installed in climates where great volumes of snow are expected in winter, these modules can produce substantially increased energy output.
  • Installation of single-axis and dual-access trackers, that allow the panels to move throughout the course of the day along with the sun, to gain maximum sunlight exposure. A combination of bi-facial panels with a single-access tracker (East-to-West) has shown to produce the highest amount of energy at the lowest cost.
  • Improvement of the system’s wiring configuration, to prevent future disrepair. Loose-hanging wires cause exposure to the elements that can negatively impact the performance of the asset, and also cause damage to other major equipment.

What to expect from our generation optimization process:

  • Turnkey service: we are your go-to service from beginning to end, including ongoing maintenance and monitoring packages after optimization
  • Consultation based on design drawings
  • On-site visit
  • Software projection and analysis of redesign, based on 2-year payback

Our clients include:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Retail properties
  • Residential properties and apartments
  • Office properties
  • Farms and agricultural sites