Trust the Experts for Effective Repair that Promotes your System’s Longevity & High Performance.

While preventative maintenance can mitigate against system downtime as much as possible, sometimes an asset will require unforeseen mechanical attention. Our technicians perform emergency response and corrective maintenance to get your system back up and running without the headaches.

How it works:

  1. Downtime or equipment failure is identified through our monitoring system. Our team receives an alert.
  2. We evaluate the necessity for response, factoring in client cost and revenue loss potential according to time of year.
  3. Our network of technicians across Ontario respond to the incident and perform on-site repair.
  4. We perform a standardized post-repair service call report for the client.

Why our technicians are a cut above

Our team of technicians has more than a decade of experience in renewable energy service and installation. Each of our technicians is a licensed or apprenticing electrician. Our capabilities include:

  • Trained Fronius Service Providers (FSP)
  • Level 1 Thermographer for IR-Imaging on staff
  • Lithium Ion-battery handling and installation (Tesla, LG, Samsung)

Our expertise covers:

  • Solar: FIT projects, Net Metering projects, and off-grid/hybrid systems on all applications: rooftop, ground-mounted, bi-facial panels, single-axis trackers, and dual-access trackers
  • Solar battery storage installation and servicing
  • EV charging station installation and servicing
  • Inverters (string, central, or micro): Advanced Energy, Fronius, Sungrow, Tesla, CSI, Huawei, SatCon, SMA, SolarEdge, Enphase
  • Unique maintenance procedures and challenges in accordance with the location of the site (i.e. location within Canada and temperature range; proximity to water; likelihood of dust, snow, or soiling, etc.)

Our clients include:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Retail properties
  • Residential properties and apartments
  • Office properties
  • Farms and agricultural sites