Data collection and analysis for maximum return on your clean energy project.

We stay on top of new technology advancements for solar array data monitoring. Our approach involves collecting and analyzing data to gain a comprehensive understanding of all site conditions which allows us to anticipate issues and perform predictive maintenance, to prevent issues before they happen.

Often, the most expensive part of most failures is not the cost of repairing the asset, but the lost revenue as a result of the failure. By collecting data on the conditions around previous failures, we can better predict when a piece of equipment will fail, so we can plan maintenance proactively.

Preventative maintenance: site visits

Robust preventative maintenance visits to solar asset sites are key to minimizing downtime and lost revenue which is crucial especially during the typical peak output season from May to September.

Our certified technicians inspect and report on all aspects of your system including modules (panels), wiring, and other infrastructure, all with maximum performance and cost savings in mind.

Recommendations may include adding, replacing, or re-locating modules (panels), re-designing string layouts to optimize inverter performance, or replacing outdated or under-performing equipment.

What a typical site visit looks like

During a preventative maintenance site visit, our technicians check over 86 points in the system. This includes:

  • Testing the performance of the solar modules
  • Performing infrared scans on the equipment
  • Performing torque checks on connection points
  • Testing the operation and condition of all system disconnects
  • Reviewing and addressing any issues that we have been made aware of through our platform
  • Using data collected through our platforms to review performance trends and identify any modules that may have been soiled and require cleaning for maximum performance.

Our solar asset expertise covers:

  • Rooftop assets
  • Ground-mounted assets
  • Bi-facial modules
  • Single-axis and dual-access tracker modules
  • Unique maintenance procedures and challenges in accordance with the location of the site (i.e. location within Canada and temperature range; proximity to water; likelihood of dust, snow, or soiling, etc.)

Our clients include:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Retail properties
  • Residential properties and apartments
  • Office properties
  • Farms and agricultural sites